Why Burgers Are The Most Popular Fast Food

When you are hungry, you need something that fills your mouth and you can just chew on delicious flavours in your mouth. That is when a burger strikes the mind because it is so flavoursome. 

It has a mix of ingredients and has everything you want on an empty stomach- flavours, texture and a good quantity! A burger is a combination of tomatoes, meat, patty, onions and leaves mixed with different sauces sandwiched between two burgers. 

But why are burgers the most popular fast food? There must not be just one reason. Here’s why they are yours and everybody’s favourite fast food. 

1. They are pocket-friendly

Burgers are the first choice because they come at reasonable prices. They give more value at less price. They are available in a lot of varieties and a majority of them are very affordable. Most people prefer to have burgers for lunch because they are very filling and are easily available at costs that suit your pocket. For example, the delicious burgers by Wat A Burger start at as low as Rs 39. 

2. They come in so many options

Burgers are available in a number of variants with different options for fillings, sauces, types of bun, veg and non-veg, meat types and more. This is what makes burgers appropriate for different tastes and likes and dislikes. 

You can even tell the store to add or remove the fillings according to what you like. With so many choices like veg burgers, chicken burgers, salsa sliders Indian style burgers by Wat A Burger,  you can enjoy different tastes even if you eat burgers every day. 

3. Burgers are available all the time

You do not need to think twice before you want a burger. It’s because burgers are available around the clock. You can order one at any time of the day, even if it is late at night. 

Many burger stores operate 24*7 to serve delicious burgers at any time of the day to burger lovers. So you do not need to worry about time, be it the weekend or late at night, to get your favourite burger. 

4. They come with complimentary fries (most times)

Burgers are the best choice because they are served with complimentary fries in most stores. Some burger stores also have various meal combos that are cheaper than the total stand-alone prices of each food item. 

Some meals include burgers with fries, and drinks, while others also have desserts and sides. You can even enjoy burger-burger combos and taste two different burgers. Such combos are very reasonable. These meals are a great go for people who generally have a rushed and busy schedule. 

5. They are the right choice for today’s lifestyle

One good thing about burgers is that they perfectly go with today’s lifestyle as they are quick to consume. Yes, the mega burgers are not-so-quick to eat, but you can always grab a small one when in hurry. 

Or, you can also get the large burger and carry it around wherever you are heading. They are very easy to handle and you can eat them even while walking.  

6. Burgers are delicious 

Burgers are extremely delicious that an empty stomach would not resist them. With so many variants and different choices, burgers give you many chances to enjoy the taste of heaven. You can easily get the one that excites your taste buds the most. 

They are convenient, quick to order and are served hot. The steamy sauces with crispy hot fillings and crunchy onions with lettuce sandwiched between soft buns together make a burger the most delicious fast food ever.


We don’t think you need any more reasons why burgers are the best fast food. Grab a burger when you crave something flavorful, when you’re getting late or when you are hungry and only want to have a burger. 

Plus, Wat A Burger has many options on its menu that you wouldn’t want to miss any of them. They offer burgers in various styles- from desi to Korean tastes and have very affordable prices. You can either order your favourite burgers at home or can visit one of their outlets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are burgers so popular?

Burgers are popular because they are among the cheap, delicious, easy-to-eat fast foods that are available everywhere. Burgers are also filling which makes them a great choice for lunch, evening snacks and sometimes even dinner. 

2. How would you describe the taste of a burger?

Burgers are hot, tangy, spicy and crunchy. You get the taste of everything from the tanginess of the sauces, the freshness of the greens, the spiciness of the fillings and the juiciness of the meat. Burgers are full of flavours.

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