Who Are We?

What happens when an IT professional and a pilot come together?
A homegrown burger chain is born.

Farman Beig and Rajat Jaiswal founded Wat-a-Burger in 2016 to offer Indian consumers a taste of fusion burgers in a market dominated by US fast food QSR chains. Wat-a-Burger’s desi recipes are suited for Indian palettes. The emphasis is on original Indian recipes and not tweaking existing flavours. Pudina chutney, Achari flavour, Makhani sauce, Spicy chilly are some of our key offerings.

Starting a business was always on Farman and Rajat’s minds. While Farman was in England pursuing his MBA and Rajat was undergoing pilot training, both knew that once they were back in India, they would set up a business together.

Since opening their first outlet in Noida Sector 18, Wat-a-Burger has scaled to more than 65 joints across 27 cities in over six years. This includes Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Guwahati, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi, Muzaffarpur, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Gorakhpur, Jhansi, Kozhikode, and Gurgaon to name a few.

About the Founders

Farman Beig


Farman Beig is professionally a Business Analyst who leads the development and implementation of the overall brand strategy of Wat-A-Burger! He manages Franchising, New store fitouts and online sales strategy for the brand. He has a Computer Science and Engineering Degree from Amity University and Masters Degree in Business IT from Manchester Business School, UK. His understanding of the complex business situations and assessment of the risks pertaining to the company along with his negotiation skills often gets the best results for Wat-a-Burger. His vision is to make Wat-a-Burger as one of the largest Burger Chains in Asia, UK and Middle-East.

Rajat Jaiswal


Rajat Jaiswal is the brain behind what the brand sells and how it looks. He manages the menu, supply chain, operations, finance/taxation and marketing/branding for the company. His ideology is in automating processes and incorporating technology in every process possible to reduce the manpower requirement and increase efficiency of the system. His vision is to make Wat-a-Burger a true Indian burger brand. By profession, Rajat is an airline Pilot, flying as a Senior Commander with an airline. His travel around the globe, gives him the required exposure to plan the upcoming path for the brands menu and presentation.

Journey of the company

Journey of the company