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Model Kiosk + Take Away (WABLite) Dining + Take Away (WAB) Master Franchise (Min 10 Outlets) MF
Area(Carpet) Less Than 200sq. Ft. Above 300 sq. ft. Depending upon the MODEL
Total Investment* 18 Lacs 28 Lacs 46 Lacs (WABLite) 68 Lacs (WAB)
Franchise Fee 5 Lacs 10 Lacs 20 Lacs (WABLite) 32 Lacs (WAB)
Set-up Cost(Construction and Appliances) 13 Lacs 18 Lacs (Above 300 Sq.ft. area 1800 Rs/ sq.ft. will be Charged) 10% surcharge on setup cost outside delhi/NCR Region
EBITDA Margin (5 Years Avg.) 25% 27% 30%
Royalty 20,000 Rs or 6% of Total Sales; whichever is Higher 30,000 Rs or 6% of Total Sales; whichever is higher 50% share on Franchisee Fees and 25% Share on Royalty for Master Franchisee**
ROI(5-year period) 135% 165% 200%
Payback 14 Months 18-20 Months 18-20 Months
Items on the Menu Burgers: 20
Wraps: NA
Sandwiches: 8
Belgian Fries: NA
Beverages: 10
Desserts: NA
Burgers: 40
Wraps: 15
Sandwiches: 15
Belgian Fries: 6
Beverages: 30
Desserts: 5